Victoria has started collaborating with romanian producers Gerard Filip and DJ Treitl Hammond.

"This Life" has a new sound for the Czech market and therefor is without competition. Victoria has taken a step away from her R'N'B roots and has opened herself up to doing more house music. She is breaking her own boundaries and gaining new fans.


Victoria is well known for her cover version of the Eagles hit song "Hotel California" from her first album "This is me".  Her second album "Velvet" was produced by world top producers such as Patrik lorentzen, Johnny Jam and Nironic.  Victoria has her own talk show on Seejay radio "JOY LIVE"  but you will also find her in magazines and at Lot's of VIP events. Last year Victoria left  Europe to travel to asia where she embarked on a tour of South Korea and Japan. Before she left she started working on her third album and released a song produced by Mr Sulo and Patrik lorentzson "Come On Over". After coming back form Asia Victoria started working on a new song with none other than the famous DJ/Producer Michael Burian and  released the song "Secret"  at the beginning of the year. Now Victoria is collaborating with Royal elements.

Royal Elemets

Royal elements is made up of Two romanian Prouducers Gerard Filip and DJ Treitl Hammond. This Duo has been making music since 2005 and they have a lot to proud of.  One of their first tunes  " Catalina" made it to the top of the Russian charts. It was not long before Royal Elements became one of the most sought after acts. Their musical Style covers the full spectrum from Dance through to Pop. Their remixes regularly make it it to the top of the charts. Here is a list of artists with witch Royal Elements have collaborated; DJ Sava, Activ, DJ Project, Morris, Inna,ect . Their mix sets are also played by world known DJ's such as Roger Sanchez,DJ Kucho ect, Amongst their biggest hits has to be "Sunshine" (2009) and "I like the Trumpet" (2010) which was number one in a number of European Countries.

They also have collaborted with Slovakian Singer Patrcia Vittek with thh song "I WANT U2 DANCE" .

Their latest project is with the singer Victoria and her new single "THIS LIFE" has just been released. Royal Elements love Victoria's vocals and that is why they wanted to work with her.